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Raildecks ™ containers are a dual purpose, 53-foot deck trailer that operates as a double-stacking intermodal container for flat-deck freight transportation. Raildecks ™ containers are capable of carrying up to 60,000 lbs in payload, and offer loading access from the top, sides and rear.

Freight securement is far superior to a conventional intermodal container.
Varied-size freight can be secured with straps and/or chains to significantly reduce damage. Once the container is loaded, the payload can be tarped like a standard flatdeck load. Raildecks ™ containers are engineered for versatility and flexibility in transporting industrial commodities. The cargo space is a full 8 feet high by 8 feet wide by 53 feet long (8x8x53), giving the Raildecks ™ containers the greatest loadable capacity of any intermodal flat-rack equipment.

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